PanEarth Escapes - Half Day Woodinville Boutique Wine Trail Tour

PanEarth Escapes - Half Day Woodinville Boutique Wine Trail Tour

PanEarth Escapes Half Day Seattle Wine Tours

12:30 to 6:00 p.m. / $125 per pax (Fri., Sat., Sun.)

Explore four boutique Woodinville wineries on our half-day Seattle Wine Tour. Woodinville wineries share more than locality; they share a commitment to creating fine, world-class wines from the very best Washington vineyards. One of the most unique winery tours in Seattle, our Woodinville Wine Trail experience explores the art of viticulture at Woodinville's most acclaimed boutique wineries. Hollywood Hill Vineyards is the only winery with a vineyard in Woodinville and produces one-of-a-kind handcrafted wines in very small quantities. At DeLille Cellars, you will take in the stunning arcihtecture of the traditional "chai" styled winery and taste award-winning vintages in a brand new tasting room. Enjoy fireside sips and a cellar tour at JM Cellars, where you may even be able to taste right from the barrel before taking a nature walk through the on-site native wetland. Finally, at Airfield Estates, you will learn about the history of this grape-growing family from a tasting room inspired by a World War II-era airbase.  

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